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1x Wholesale Supply Auto Turbo Charger Electric Turbine Electrical Hea


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1x Wholesale Supply Auto Turbo Charger Electric Turbine Electrical Hea
  • € 29,60
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.tongtool-tag-off span{display:inline-block; margin-top:5px; line-height:15px;}Product Description1x Wholesale Supply Auto Turbo Charger Electric Turbine Electrical Head For Car Description: Motor load; 12 to 14 V and A 196 W 17000 RPMThe air flow and thrust; 245 CFM/minute 7 m3 / minute (the wind thrust; 0.45 KG) This one have two color  black , white  random delivery.NOTE:If you need other specifications, please contact us.PaymentWe accept payment by PayPal only !Payment should be completed within 7 days after buyer
places the order,or else an unpaid case will be opened in order to
cancel the transaction. If you can not pay in time, please contact us.eCHECK from PayPal will only be processed once the payment clears.All of the items will be shipped to buyer's EBAY
address,please confirm your address on Ebay before you buy.Your order
will be usually shipped out the same or next business days once the
payment is made and cleared.
           ShippingAll items will be checked before packing. All items are new and of high quality.Item will be shipped within 1 business days upon receipt of payment, excluding weekends and public holidays.If to USA,we will ship your order by USPS,it will take about 7-10 working days to you,and you can track it on line.If to other country,we will ship your order by China Post
or Singapore Registered Air Mail,it will take about 14-21 working days
to you,you aslo can track it on line.Delivery time is about 14-28 business days and it may take
up to 8 weeks to some European countries and South American countries
due to strict custom inspection. We ship worldwide. Shipping fee include packing, warehouse, distribution, order handling and processing costs.We offer combined shipping discount on Shipping & Handling.Please note that some countries will have custom duty or
tax for certain items. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay all
endued custom duty or tax. We are not responsible for any custom duty or
tax since our price do not include this charge. ReturnsAll sales are final.30-day Warranty with Exchange for defective, malfunctioned,
incorrect or parts-missing items. Please notify us and return the item
with all parts and accessories packed and marked "FOR EXCHANGE" within
14 days of receipt.If defective, malfunctioned or parts-missing items are no longer available, a refund may be issued.All returning postage costs will be the responsibility of the buyers under all circumstances.
           Contact UsIf
you encounter any problems about anything, please feel free to contact
us and we will do our best to assist you solve the issue. If you are not
satisfied in anyway, please feel free to let us know and give us a
second chance to correct it before you decide to leave any neutral or
negative feedback. Please contact us through eBay link if you have any
questions. We will reply you within 24- 48 hours. Please check you spam
mail if no response for 48 hours.
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